Thursday, April 29, 2010

Nixen is growing

So I know I started this so long ago and have not used it, but I promise I will do better!!! I have updates on Nixen and what he is up to! He started rolling over from stomach to back around 3 and a half months. Better now... He is rolling over from back to stomach, then somehow gets stuck and struggles until he cries and I help him back. He is also sitting up for short intervals by himself! He is getting so chubby and that little personality he has is coming out! He has been sleeping through the night now for quite a while, but his stretches have shortened. He wakes up hungry! I started him on rice cereal a few days ago to try and help sustain him longer until we get the ok to start him on some real food! Now someone tell me what that is all about? Getting the ok to start on some real food? First they say 4 months is safe, now they say no sooner than 6 months. Some of my friends doctors tell them they can start at 5 months! I am beginning to wonder if they are just making things up! I guess we better not chance it and just do what they say. I am none the wiser! Pictures are to come dont worry!

Friday, January 29, 2010

My first blog entry

So I just started this blog today. Since Mark and I just had our first baby, Nixen, I thought it would be nice if we started this blog to help keep track of our family as is grows! Hopefully i get some pictures up soon for all to see!